MedEx-Global is a state-of-the-art tele-health services initiative conceived by Glovill Technologies in 2014. Glovill Technologies conducted a detailed study of similar initiatives in the US and Europe.

It undertook a series of interviews with leading medical practitioners, academia and researchers to have a better understanding of their patients and practice related challenges in developing countries where the doctor to patient ratio is worrisome as well as diagnostic facilities are limited due to budgetary constraints.

A sizeable populace is either low income or lives in under-served areas; due to which they could not afford or access an average level of medical treatment. Resultantly, complications develop over time and the cases become too hopeless to be treated.

We undertook exhaustive spade work that led to the development of prototype that led to our product namely MedEx-Global.

MedEx-Global Tele-Health Services can provide many benefits to both patients as well as doctors across the continuum of healthcare. Particularly the patients those are located in very remote areas or the ones that are too busy, or have traveling restrictions being bed-ridden or incapacitated are major beneficiaries. Doctors can increase their revenue by about 20-30% through video consultation sessions with increased number of follow-up calls and extended geographic reach.

We have plans to offer MedEx-Global Tele-health services in Pakistan in the following specialty areas of medical practice: