Nutrition & Fitness

If you are trying to find out fitness, you wouldn’t find in the gym but that is hidden somewhere in the kitchen. What we eat is reflected in our body shape, confidence and in energy levels. Nutrition is a major success or failure factor in fitness. Eating right will define the course we take towards reduction in body fat culminating at low risk of falling sick. Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Bad diet fails all good hours spent in gym and fees paid to trainers. Be Diet-centric for healthy life style, lose body fat and build muscles.

Once you achieve healthy lifestyle, you will feel that exercise not only improved your body, but also mental function. It is because exercise helps in increasing serotonin levels in the brain that improves thought process and mental clarity and you are much more productive at workplace.

Currently, coronavirus is forcing you to stick at home. You shall Google some articles on best at-home exercises, watch some interesting home workouts videos and develop self-paced family nutrition and exercise plans. Keep up and motivate each other in these difficult times to fight Coronavirus COVID-19. Organizations with on-board exercise facilities have fewer sick reports, lower health care costs incurred culminating at more efficient and productive environment.