Doctors can register themselves through this website by clicking Sign-Up/Sign-In link on the top right corner of the main home webpage.

Once the required details are recorded into MedEx application, it will send a notification to the doctor that your request for registration with Medex is being processed for due diligence and verifications. Soon as the registration process is completed, the doctor will be notified and his portal is created and made available for patients to view the doctor profile and request an appointment for an available date and timeslot shown in the doctor’s calendar.

Doctor can sign-in to his portal on the web as well as from his laptop, desktop, Tablet or mobile phone using the ID and Password. He can access all information related to his registered patientsincluding visits (In-clinic, Video Consultation, In-home), history, prescriptions, tests, billingetc anytime and from anywhere.

Doctors are advised not to share the password with anyone to keep his/her personal and patient data safe and secure.